Gas & Biofuels

Though natural gas stands out as a transition fuel because of its economic viability compared to emerging renewable technologies and less polluting effects compared to other fossil fuels, making the use of gas for powering mobility a popular transition subject globally. Moreso, the production of cleaner gases like green or blue hydrogen for clean mobility (hydrogen-powered vehicles) to achieve zero emissions assurance towards the retardation of global warming.

Transportation being a key contributor to GHG emissions (23 - 30%), stimulating adoption and proliferation of hydrogen powered vehicles would make a landslide contribution in building a climate friendly world

Clean gases and biofuels will complement the deployment of fossil based gases into the future, and these are new opportunities for both social and economic growth in Africa. There are various natural resources that have been explored as potential biofuel options within Africa, and some have met various levels of success, while others have met environmental or economic brick walls. Our plan is to plant energy crops (like cacti) to produce biofuels, thus ensuring no competition with human consumption of other suitable crops like corn, cassava, and sugar cane.

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